Hero Electric Exchange Bonus INR 6K On Old Petrol Two-Wheelers

Hero Electric, one of the highly acknowledged electric vehicle manufacturers, lately came up with a unique initiative of switching aged petrol powered two-wheelers with electric bikes. It allows an exchange bonus of INR 6k over the market value of vehicle opted for an exchange. The vehicle that’s not in use or about to end its life cycle in the scrap yard also can be brought for swapping with the electric vehicles. The automaker took this step in view of contributing to green mobility in the country in a more focused way. As per the company claims the petrol consumption from such vehicles as much as twice of a BS4 compliant vehicle. Also, it affects our environment badly with the increased pollution across the country. As per a stats shared by the company, around five crore old and polluting petrol powered two-wheelers are currently available on Indian roads.

As per an estimate, the Hero electric vehicles offer an excellent travel range as compared to the petrol counterparts. Also, there is a three-year warranty on offer on the bike and the battery. Consequently, one can save upto INR 70,000 on fuel and maintenance within three years. The emission, on the other hand, will go down equal to planting two full grown trees.

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Commenting on the Electric Vehicles’ development- CEO, Sohinder Gill said, "India is at the cusp of evolving into one of the world's fastest growing economies. To propel on this notion further, we need to rapidly adapt the electrically powered vehicles which will play a critical role in the future. Hero Electric is not just championing green transport mobility but also supporting the government's vision to fast track EV adoption in India.

Currently, Hero Electric serves over 20 cities (Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Pune, Agra, Jaipur, Chennai, Rohtak, and Lucknow, etc) across India via its dealership network containing 450 touch points and about 30,000 happy customers.