Honda CR-V And Honda Civic To Be Showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2018

Honda Automobile manufacturer confirms that alongside Honda Amaze, both new CR-V and Civic will be showcased at Auto Expo 2018 in New Delhi. Additionally, Honda is planning to launch six new more models in India by 2020 and these are three models of Honda's plans.

Likewise Amaze, the new CR- V is likely to be introduced in India in 2018. Whereas the new SUV updated with new features such as alloy wheels, LED head and tail lights which provide an excellent and handsome look to new CR- V as compared to its previous models. It is the first time that the new CR- V will come with the third row of seats and it will be available in diesel engine option too. The seven-seater capacity in new CR- V which provides a versatility that you could not connect with the nameplate till now.

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The diesel engine option of new CR- V will also help to address one of the shortcomings. The new SUV having a 1.6-litre engine from Honda’s ‘Earth Dreams’ line which produces a maximum 160hp and 350Nm of torque.

Honda Civic variant which is to be showcased at Delhi Auto Expo 2018 will not an exactly similar model that will be launched in India. Honda will launch the facelift version of Civic that is currently not revealed by the company.

The new Civic variant feature is almost similar to the latest Civic and comes with sporty and based on low- slung design. It is anticipated that the cabin of new Civic's serious will be updated before the car launched in India. The Civic will be available in aforementioned diesel engine option and have a 1.8-litre naturally-aspirated VTEC petrol engine.