Honda Patented For Steering Assist System for New Bike

Honda which had filed patent for a steering assist system on 8 September 2016 has issued this month. In terms of working, it is all similar to a car’s power steering and will sport in easy turning of vehicle. Earlier than this, the Japanese giant manufacturer had showcased a three-wheeled motorcycle concept named the NeoWing concept. It also uses a similar type of steering assist setup albeit bit bulky and complex as compared to the new patent, which is now a compact assembly.

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The new steering system uses an assist motor which supplies torque to the steering stem and makes the steering action lighter. Well, as of now, Honda did not reveal which upcoming motorcycle will use this advanced technology to enhance the riding experience. This new bike tech came into light while publishing a patent for the VVT (variable valve technology). The VVT regulates the mechanism of valve opening within an engine cylinder as per the rpm level and supplies power accordingly.