Hybrid Kinetic K350, H500 Will Launch At Beijing Motor Show

The Hybrid Kinetic Group will unveil the new production models naming K350, H500 during the Beijing motor show on April 25. The EVs will utilize micro-turbine range-extender technology and take inspiration from HK GT coupé, K550, K750, and H600 sedan SUVs.

However, the information about the cars is not revealed yet and they likely get to the same powertrains as the other models. The electric models will be available with the expected up to 999.4km of range and powered by a battery of 50,000-charge-cycle lifespan.

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As per the pictures displayed in preview, it reveals that the K350 will get a keen shoulder line and acute headlights like the comrades. The H500 will feature a rear roofline going further to the regular Sedan and four doors. We expect it to get silhouette from the top models highlighting rear headroom as provided in the similar sized BMW 3-Series Gran Turismo.

As per the trends in China of sedan’s body shape with mirrors design, they can as well take rear space high. This can be found in cars like the Jaguar XEL and XFL.

The images of the K350 reveals that it will be for four passengers along with heavy bolstered seats. The interior of the H500 takes a digital instrument cluster, a wraparound dashboard screen, and screen at the lower center console.

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Although there is no information yet about the launch of K350 and H500 models, the other models are expected to launch by the end of this year suggesting the launch of the new car near around as well.