Zagato Lamborghini L595 Image Available On Company Website

Zagato Lamborghini L595 is created to remember 95 years of existence and it is based on Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. The company has listed the new supercar on the company website christening L595. With reciprocation of the double-bubble roof to a folding one, it is likely to follow the standard coupe version, which was first manufactured in 2014 for Albert Spiess, the car collector.

Stéphane Schwarz, who helped in creating the original Nissan Qashqa, had created the car’s carbon fiber body. The new L595 takes power from a naturally aspirated V10 of the Gallardo LP570-4 and able to churn out a peak power of 578hp. That time, only one 5-95 was manufactured and this one will be the basis for other L595 models.

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The company has as well consented on the launch of only five models of the Quattroruote IsoRivolta and Vision Gran Turismo car. The car which is powered by a V8 engine taken from the Corvette will be on the market along with various power outputs.