Even First Time Traffic Offenders Sent To Jail: Hyderabad Police

Nowadays, people are not taking traffic rules seriously and break them. Some people don’t wear a helmet and some does not carry the documents of the vehicle and also driving licence. We are humans, we do not have 10 heads like Ravana, so put the helmet on your head not your hand because God has given us only one head.

So by seeing this irresponsible behaviour of the people, the police of Hyderabad took strict actions against the people who offend the traffic rules. This was seen when a man was sent to the jail for four days because he was not carrying his valid license. He faced his most disastrous experience because he was sharing the prison cell with other hardened criminals who were convicted of theft, murder, etc.

He shared his horrifying experience with one of the leading digital news platform saying that it was traumatic. The prisoners threatened each other, screamed and one among them hit his head into a glass window and then frightened the other prisoners by showing them the broken glass.

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The man who was sentenced four days prison thought that he will be allowed to go after a warning and fine but instead of that the judge ordered to put him behind the bars without even looking at him. The four days prison is for the person who offence the traffic rules once and if the same mistake is repeated by the same person then he will be put behind the bars for 20 days.

Another case is about an IT professional who was drunk and still was driving. He was also put behind the bars for four days at the Cherlapally jail. After the release, he promised not to commit the same mistake again. The traffic authorities are getting more strict and are sending letters to the employees who were arrested along with the reason why they were put behind the bars.

A court in Kukatpally is seeing the case of the first time offenders which are put in jail and is said that the judge of that court is very strict. He is not giving any offenders to give any excuse while at this point other courts in the city could give a warning and fine and let them go. This trend will soon be followed by the other courts in the city and will also be expanded across India.

This move will help the people stay safe and there will be no breaking of traffic rules. Till now, people were not serious about the suspension of licenses, fines and warnings but after this move, people will become serious. In 2018, in Hyderabad, 42 people below 18 were jailed for driving cars and riding bikes for periods ranging from 1 day to 1 month. And a total of 29,484 people were put behind the bars because they were driving under the influence of alcohol.

Source: Image: rushlane