Delayed Delivery of Jawa Motorcycles making Customers Cancel Booking

Recently, a vast number of customers have complained about the social media sites like Twitter regarding the late delivery of Jawa Motorcycles leading them to cancel their pre-bookings as no update from the company or dealers have received. Since its launch in November 2018, Jawa has been seen highly active on social media platforms like Twitter. The company has frequently posted on Twitter about the new dealership openings, product updates, newspaper interviews, festival wishes, and so on.

However, this month, the Prague-based motor vehicle manufacturer has been seen least active on social sites like Twitter while comparing to previous months. The company has posted only three updates comprising of their founder’s magazine interview, dealership opening news, and Jawa achieving a dealership network of 100.

If we talk about the customers, who have made pre-bookings for Jawa Motorcycles, then very fuming responses can be seen from them on social sites like Twitter in the comments section due to the late delivery of Jawa motorcycles. The customers have frequently asked about when the deliveries will start for the company motorcycles. The in-depth analysis and search on social media also revealed that thousands are waiting for an update regarding Jawa motorcycle delivery.

On 4th March 2019, Jawa came with an update that deliveries of their motorcycle will start from the 3rd week of March 2019 as they will be able to partner with 100 countrywide dealers by that time. In response to this, the company has also delivered a total of 54 units of Jawa Motorcycles in March 2019, which include dealership display bikes, test ride bikes whereas the remaining were delivered to some lucky customers.

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Still, there is no clarity regarding the number of deliveries made by Jawa in April 2019. The dealers have also nodded their heads when asked about the accurate delivery status/timeline of Jawa Motorcycles. The customers who have made bookings in 2018 for Jawa motorcycles also do not have any update regarding the delivery schedule, which has made many of them furious and angry with the company irresponsible behaviour. Some of the frustrated customers have also gone ahead and cancelled their bookings.

It is very clear that there is a high demand for Jawa motorcycles among the customers in India. It is even rumored that more than thousands of customers have made bookings for the Jawa motorcycles till now. Still, there is ambiguity regarding the number of bike deliveries made by Jawa. However, the company sources have revealed that Jawa has received a considerable amount of bookings; hence will be able to make deliveries by Sep 2019. The dealers, on the other hand, are giving a delivery timeline of Dec 2019 to all the customers who are making their bookings now for Jawa motorcycles.