Koenigsegg One:1, Too Hot for German Registration System!

It took 20 years to develop a super car from scratch for Christian Von Koenigsegg and when he launched the Koenigsegg Agera back in 2002, even the Ferrari ran in the ground and others took a shed. Since the time, Koenigsegg has become a well-known brand in the super car fleet and people love it for speed, style, engine, sound, features and everything else irrespective of their native place. And, the latest addition into their limited pool of car is Koenigsegg One:1 and the car is a real beast when it comes to the power delivered, speed, acceleration and torque as well.

Now, the so-called home of automobiles, Germany just faced a weird kind of issue while registering the freshly delivered Koenigsegg One:1. As all aware that the car is able to develop astonishing power of 1 Megawatt; yeah, it actually produces 1000 kW power @ 7500 rpm and 1371 Nm torque @ 6000 rpm which take this car to the wind-in-the hair speed of 400 km/h in just 20 seconds and brings to none in further 10 seconds. But coming back to the point, German RTO office were not able to register this car as the system has been designed only for cars up to 999 Kw power producing capacity. 

I know, the 1000 kW power in a car wasn't a possibility until the technology soared off in a few recent years, but as it has become the reality, not only Germans, others too have to make their system compatible with this specification. Isn't it!