Mahindra Free Service Camp To Benefit Passenger Vehicle Owners

It was quite disappointing for many of us as Mahindra didn’t launch a new model and revealed only a few concepts at the Auto Expo 2018. Although, now it is trying to make its existing customers happy with M-plus service camp in India.

The service camp offers 75-point service check which is free of cost and Mahindra states that it is made to assist owners to maintain the vehicles in top class range. The company is also providing discounts on labour charges and spare parts. A Maxicare protection program in this camp is a value-added package as this makes the owner galvanize and take care of their vehicles. Mahindra car owners can take understanding from the service advisors for more information regarding the program.

To take advantage of the offers, Mahindra owners can just go to the workshops and book the meeting using toll-free number or by “With You Hamesha” mobile application of Mahindra. There is no check up till yet for the electric range but Mahindra will surely arrange something for them if the camp is about EVs.

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The vehicles which can get a checkup at the M-Plus service camp are TUV300, Quanto, NuvoSport, Xylo, Thar, Scorpio, Verito Vibe, KUV100, Verito, Logan, Bolero, Rexton, and XUV500.

The motive behind the establishment of such service camp is that the company wants to bring existing customers and understand their preferences and requirements. For Mahindra owners, this move is an opportunity to know the health of their vehicles as to whether the vehicle requires a preventive maintenance or instant attention is necessary. It is advisable for owners to go the service stations and get their car checked up for free.