Mahindra Hits Bulls Eye with its new XUV300 Ad Featuring Gaurav Gill

To call Mahindra and Mahindra as the true showman of the Indian Auto Industry would be an understatement. A look back through the archives of promotional videos of its various offerings over the years reveal that the Automaker knows all that would not only get the viewers excited but also leave the viewers wonderstruck.

And this could not have been more cemented than the latest commercial for its new offering compact SUV, the XUV300. Be it the iconic Scorpio Ad of the ’90s or the Bollywood inspired chase for the Mahindra TUV300, Surprise is one particular element that has been constant in Mahindra’s commercials for its four-wheelers. But the all-new XUV300 commercial goes a step ahead to pack surprise with an equal amount of thrill and increased focus on the muscle offerings key highlights.

The add begins with Gaurav Gill, Asia Pacific Rally champion, come face to face with the Mahindra XUV300 standing tall in all its glory. In the next frame, Gaurav Gill takes charge of the wheels and takes the compact SUV through a series of twist and turns part of a specially designed course on an airfield. One is also left gapping at the mastery on display by Gaurav Gill. He performs some daredevil drifts and turns as the camera pans in an out from the nifty handbrake turns to the side on views to leave the audience desiring for more. Overall, the 2 minutes, 15 seconds video serves more than its immediate purpose and makes a place for itself on our list of most breathtaking car commercials.

For the time being, we have our countdown set for February 14 when Mahindra finally launches this much awaited compact SUV.