Maruti Suzuki Readies For Investment Of Billions In 3 Years

Maruti Suzuki has unveiled that it will make an investment of approximately $3 billion (Rs 20,000 crore) for India in upcoming three years. With the huge investment objective, the Suzuki decides to make the presence strong in the Indian market.

The Japanese manufacturer is planning for a big investment on electric and hybrid vehicles and technologies to make its portfolio strong. From the $3 billion, approximately $2.3 billion will be penetrated by the company and the rest will be done by Suzuki Motor Gujarat. The SMG will invest in order to extend the current production capacity of the company.

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Maruti Suzuki is as well working on hybrid and electric technologies enhancement like other automaker and wants to make its appearance in the segment. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, the company is expected to spend Rs 5,000 crore per year in the upcoming next three years. The investment will take place in R&D, products, and dealership expansion.