Mercedes-Benz India Registered Highest First Half Sales Till Date

Mercedes-Benz has declared the highest ever half-yearly sales record considering the starting first six months in the year 2018, prolonging the position in the country, it has become the highest-selling luxury brand. The carmaker registered 8,061 units sales in the country with a 12.4% growth year-on-year basis. Mercedes has retained the lead in the market and against the rival-BMW which has registered 5,171 units sale, up 13% year-on-year basis in the starting half of 2018.

SUV portfolio of the Mercedes-Benz has touched the volume increase followed by the sedan counterparts. The GLC badged as the highest-selling SUV which is followed by the Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLS. Considering the Sedan segment, the E-class long wheelbase retains its place in the famous luxury car purchaser segment. In the starting first half of the year 2018, the company has introduced 7 models out of proposed 10 models for this year in India.

Mercedes-Benz has registered a record sale of 11,88,832 units which is 3.9% up year on year basis. From April 2018 to June 2018, the company has registered 5,94,528 units sale which is up to 1.9% based on year on year sale. In the starting six months, the carmaker was the premium marque along with good registration numbers in some markets, comprising the USA, Russia, Canada, Australia, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Portugal, India, and Germany.

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Britta Seeger, Board of Management of Daimler AG’s member who handles sales and marketing of the company, “Thanks to an outstanding team performance, we can look back on the most successful half-year in the history of Mercedes-Benz: with more than 1.18 million cars sold in the first six months, we have laid a good foundation for the successful year 2018.”

The new A-class has gained a good response and the carmaker is now thinking to launch the new C-class by this month. Seeger anticipated regarding the second-half growth of the Mercedes-Benz in the year 2018, "These two volume models will make a significant contribution to the sales success of Mercedes-Benz in the second half of the year.”