Mercedes Benz Planning to Roll Out 4 Electric Vehicles

We have always heard of Mercedes competing with Audi and BMW, but recently something unusual has been reported. As per some market reports, the automaker has decided to come up with 4 new electrical vehicles that will be rivalling the one and only Tesla Motors. These will consist of 2 zero emission saloons and 2 crossovers. The company has even developed an EVA, i.e. Electric Vehicle Architecture meant specifically for the upcoming EVs. It's not an all new platform, rather it uses some of the elements like suspension and body shell from MRA RWD architecture.

Among these 4, the first one will be a saloon carrying a size larger than Mercedes C-Class, but a little less than Mercedes E-Class. It will be slotted between GLC and GLE and is slated to be launched in the year 2018. Later, the automaker will introduce an S-Class sized saloon followed by a crossover larger in size than GLS . Talking about the mechanical configuration, the zero emission vehicles are fitted with a monolithic battery that spreads throughtout the floorpan. This 400 kg battery pack is responsible for powering one or two electric motors, depending upon the specifications of the car.

Mercedes IAA Concept

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The Rear Wheel Drive models will be utilising a 300 KW motor, whereas the All Wheel Drive cars will be making use of a 90/150 KW motor at the front alongside 300 KW unit at the rear portion. Some other noteworthy features equipped in these EVs are adaptive e-suspension, e-torque vectoring, e-brakes and wheel-slective recuperation. Priced around £70,000 to £80,000, Mercedes aims to 20,000 units of each of these electric cars every year.

Source: Car Magzine

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