Electric cars in India

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As it is already declared that in the coming decades, the petrol and diesel energy sources will extinct and at that time we will need some other energy source for the rolling of wheels below a car. So, keeping that aspect in mind, scientists worked and designed the electric cars that can run on battery which stores electric power. In these types of cars, the gasoline motor is replaced with an electric motor. The propulsion of electric motor is done through the battery power and hence the need of conventional sources is minimized.

The person responsible for the invention of electric cars is Anyos Jedlik who in 1828 designed an electric motor powered car. The electric cars are in trend in many countries as it is being taken as an environment friendly cars. There are many advantages of using these cars over petrol/diesel cars. They emit very less pollutants as compared to out conventional vehicles. These cars are capable to utilize 59-62% of electric energy in form of mechanical energy where as other vehicles can only 17-21% of that energy. In terms of designing, these cars are far much different with that of currently running vehicles.

Some of the electric models currently on roads are Renault Kangoo, Audi A3 Sport-back e-tron, Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive, BMW i8 and Volkswagen e-Golf. In India, Mahindra initiated in this field by launching its electric product called Mahindra e2o. SAGMart gives you opportunity to grab knowledge about all the available details of electric cars in India.