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The automobile industry has successfully made its stand by contributing majorly in the economy of India providing employment to a large segment of people either directly or indirectly. The Indian automobile industry has come a long way since the time of manufacturing of first car in Mumbai in the year 1898.

Over the past few years Indian automobile industry has established its name successfully by becoming the second largest two-wheeler market in the world, fourth largest commercial vehicle market in the world, and eleventh largest passenger car market in the world and is now expected to become the third largest automobile market in the world behind USA and China.

The rate at which Indian economy has moved up and the ability of India to provide trained manpower at minimal cost has made India the favorite of global auto giants and now all major foreign manufacturers see India as a potential market for automobile growth.

The word COUPE

In the initial days of the 19th century the most common mode of transport was horse ridden cars. It had a closed compartment having two separate doors on either side with an open dashboard covered seat for the driver and it could easily accommodate 4 passengers including both the front and rear seats.

Coupe is basically a French word whose pronunciation differs in different parts of the world like it's pronounced as KOOP-PAY in French while in American English accent its called KOOP.

In most of the cases Coupe cars are designed to accommodate two passengers but, there are few models in Coupe cars that do not possess any rear door so as to accommodate 3 to 4 person. In such models, the rear passenger needs to enter the car from the front door using front seat folding mechanism.

Popular Manufacturers of Coupe Cars

In the automobile sector India plays host to a wide range of foreign manufacturers which have launched one of the best Coupe cars so far. Some of the prominent models that got the title of being one of the best Coupe cars of India for 2015 include:

There are also some Coupe models which are eagerly awaited by the fans worldwide that are due scheduled this year or by the starting of 2016:

  • Ferrari F620 GT
  • Audi A5
  • Mitsubishi EVO XI
  • BMW 6 series 650i Coupe
  • Jaguar XE 2015

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Famous Manufacturers that deal in the segment of Coupe cars in India include names of: