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There are no second thoughts that driving a car these days is no less than a trauma. The rapid increase in traffic round the country has worsened the conditions more and have forced car manufacturers to look for ways to ease out the pain a driver undergoes while driving.

While designing cars for Indian roads manufacturers pay extra attention as Indian roads in place of being plain and smooth are full of number of potholes, bumps and what not. So, frequent change of gear not only affects the driver but it also hampers the performance of both clutch and gear.

Keeping this point in mind automobile industry made significant changes in its car models over the years by releasing Automatic cars not only in the Indian market but globally as well. The popularity of Automatic cars can be understood by the fact that now the buyers have 4 different gearboxes to choose from.

But, before we dive into the list of best automatic cars of India, lets first take a glance as to what do we understand by the term Automatic and how did it came into existence.

Unwinding the word AUTOMATIC

The credit for inventing automatic gearbox (transmission) goes to 'Alfred Horner Munrow' who invented it in 1971 in Canada.

The word AUTOMATIC in general denotes something which occurs with the most minimal effort or no human effort at all. With respect to automobile industry, the term automatic is replaced by another term 'Automatic Transmission' which is more preferred and commonly used worldwide.

Automatic Transmission cars has a mechanism where the driver is not supposed to change the gear nob while driving, it happens automatically. In this technology gear of the car changes automatically depending upon the conditions and the overall speed of the car. All such car models, which possess this automatic transmission/gearbox are classified under the category of Automatic cars.

Though Automatic cars are equipped with auto gear shift functionality but, they do possess other modes too like:

  • Reverse mode - It is used to assist the car while its moving backwards.
  • Neutral mode - It is used to bring the car in a neutral state which gets handy when the car is supposed to be in a parking venue.
  • Driver mode - It enables the car to start the functionality of automatic gearbox.

Though Indian buyers being enthusiastic prefer Manual transmission over Automatic but, we can't over-rule the advantages a driver has when he gets to sit on the driver seat of an automatic car.

Following points specify why Automatic transmission based cars are preferred more in comparison to cars running on manual transmission:

  • Freedom from operating the clutch lever
  • Very comfortable for stop and go traffic
  • Lubricant need not be replaced regularly
  • Less distraction for the driver

Brands for Automatic Cars

In the initial days of Indian market there were few companies like Audi, BMW, Mercedes which launched the Automatic cars. Some of the best Automatic cars of India that were launched at that time include names of following models: Mini Cooper Countryman, Volkswagen Polo, Toyota Camry, Audi A4, and many others.

The onset of Auto Expo 2014 gave a new dimension to the Indian market as it was the first time Indian hatchback noticed the launch of Automatic Transmission in two of its models. Every year we get to see a diverse range of models each with their unique features. Maruti Celerio, Hyundai Grand i10 too launched their cars in order to improve their product sales.

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Famous Manufacturers that deal in the segment of Automatic cars include names of: