Moto Corsa 2K: A Power Packed 2000cc Naked Bike

Moto Corsa that is a UK based dealership, is developing a 2000cc naked motorcycle. That will be called the Moto Corsa 2K. To give it a practical form, Moto Corsa associated with the T3 Racing, a performance outfit renowned for developing motorcycles aimed for road and track. Moto Corsa 2K that is a bespoke naked streetfighter will be packed with high-end components and a massive 1961 cc v-twin engine designed by S&S. the engine in question is liable for generating 100 bhp of power and transmitting 183Nm of torque to the rear wheel via a mated five-speed transmission.

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The latest pictures of the Moto Corsa 2K are available on the web and they showcase the bike as an impressive machine due to the powerful v-twin powertrain from S&S. FYI, the S&S designed engines are usually used for the cruiser bikes. It is the first when a naked streetfighter is being packed with such bigger displacement engine. Prominent cycle parts on the bike will be the carbon Dymag wheels, Ohlins suspension and Beringer brakes. As of now, studded body panels on the bike are made of plastic. However, the market ready iteration will carry the carbon fibre parts and panels as a replacement for the plastic ones.

Despite being a modern bike, the Moto Corsa 2K packs an air-cooled engine. Albeit, the advanced cooling methods to chill the heat produced from the massive engine are reportedly under development. Only the discerning buyers who seek for an exclusive, powerful and expensive offering will be the owner of such masterpiece. And merely a 20 unit of the Corsa 2K will be produced which be priced around $ 51,200 (over INR 37.7 lakh in current exchange rates).