Nissan And Datsun Will Increase Prices From January 2018

Nissan and Datsun, car manufacturer companies have declared that they are going to increase the prices up to Rs. 15,000 for all product range in India. The price hike will be effective from January 2018. Although, the company did not mention the product names which are going to get price hike in India. Nissan sells out cars named Sunny, Terrano, new GT-R supercar, mighty GT-R supercar, and Micra in the country while Datsun which is a low-cost brand sells out cars such as the GO, the GO+, and the Redi-GO.

Both carmakers mentioned the reason for a hike such as the foreign exchange rate, hike in input costs and continuous Breaches are the main issues with selling the cars at the same cost.

Although, both companies are providing nice incentives and discounts by this year-end so that you can grab the opportunity. The available incentives include government employee discount, cash discounts, free insurance, and low-interest rates.

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However these offers are quite fascinating, but it is also the concern of the customers that to buy a car in a new year is a better option as it attracts higher resale price than the car with the tag of the previous year in the used car market.