Nissan Leaf EV and Note e-Power Spied in India

Nissan has not yet launched the Nissan Leaf and Note e-Power in India. But both the cars have been spied in India and most probably Nissan will launch the Leaf in 2019 as it was also showcased at the Nissan Digital Hub in TVM.

The second-gen Nissan Leaf EV has all new powerplant i.e. EM57 (called by the company). It produces 150bhp and 320 nm of torque. On a single charge, the EV has a range of 400 km.

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Nissan Leaf

Because of the quick charger, the 40kWh Lithium-ion battery can be charged 80% in just 40 minutes but with a standard 3kW charger, the EV take 16 long hours to charge completely.

And if we talk about the Nissan Note e-Power, it is a hybrid car which runs on the EM57 electric motor which works in association with a three-pot 1.2-litre IC (internal combustion) powertrain. The electric motor alone can produce 109 bhp and 254 Nm of torque and is ridden by a 1.5 kWh battery, having no need of an external charger. While the fuel combustion powertrain can produce 79 bhp and 103 Nm.

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Note e-Power

The e-Power is not only the eco-friendly car but also offers fuel efficiency with the mileage of 37.2 km/l.