No SUV Expectations From Bugatti

The CEO, Bugatti, Stephan Winkelmann, on the occasion of Company’s 110th-year completion, said that the Company is not going to deal in SUVs and would maintain the legacy of the Brand. He expressed his excitement and cited about the success which the brand has shown in terms of sales.

Talking about the current plannings, he said that SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) is not going to do any justice to the brand or its history. This announcement by the CEO has shut down the rumours which had been flung in the market regarding the brand’s SUV. But at the same time, when we look at the market and the rivals of the French brand we see that in the past, Bugatti’s chief rival Ferrari had addressed that it won’t produce an SUV, but, now it has come up with an SUV alternative "FAV" (Ferrari Activity Vehicle). So, it seems as if the Bugatti’s chief is moving on the same line. The Future would be decisive!

During the celebration of successful 110 years, there are plans to reveal the new upcoming models and present them in the market. In addition to this, the Company has few surprises for its customers.

Late last year, the Hypercar-maker boss, Stephan Winkelmann shared the sales data and expressed his excitement regarding the brand’s success in terms of sales and announced the record sales of £4.5 million cars of Bugatti Divo which is in itself a grand record!

There were rumours prevailing in the market for some year regarding Bugatti’s second model line. The CEO, Winkelmann confirmed that the company is excited by the sales success and is looking forward to growing the brand to a great height.

Bugatti has chosen a different style for its USP and it manufactures cars on the base of different body styles, regional demand and growing segments. As the Brand’s SUV is in rumours these days, just like this a four-door sedan has been the topic for long after the Galibier concept came into being in 2009.

Winkelmann has been quite impressive from early days when he headed up fellow Volkswagen Group brand Lamborghini where his contribution had been inevitable during the launch of the Urus in international markets.