Upcoming Cars in India 2016-17 with Price

To make direct competition with BMW X3 and Audi Q5, Mercedes-Benz is all set to launch its GLC SUV in the Indian car segment. It will be slotted between the entry level SUV GLA and full-sized SUV GLE. A 2.1-litre four cylinder diesel engine could be situated at the heart of the car along with a configuration of all-wheel drive scheme. A 9-speed 9-speed 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission can be mated to the engine.

Expected Launch Date: June 2, 2016 Expected Price: INR 35-45 Lakhs (Ex-Showroom)

Based on the CMF-A platform, Datsun Redi-Go Concept was first showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo. Now, the Production lineup will house a 800cc, 3-cylinder petrol engine which powers the Renault Kwid as well. Moreover, the engine could be paired either with a 5-speed manual gearbox or AMT option. It will be offered with an amazing body design irrespective of the similar platform sharing with the Kwid. Interestingly, Redi-Go is the second model from the automaker which is based on the Nissan-Renault Alliance platform.

Expected Launch Date: June, 2016 Expected Price: INR 2.5 Lakhs to 3.25 Lakhs Ex-showroom

Hyundai Tucson, which is already a famous name in the global market is now ready to makes it way to the Indian shores. Considering the love for heavy diesel vehicles in the country, this SUV is likely to make huge profits just like the Creta has been doing. Not only will it be loaded with amazing cosmetics, but the powertrain is also going to be impressive. So, brace yourself as something exciting is about to happen.

Expected Launch Date: July, 2016 Expected Price: INR 18-20 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

Ford Mustang, the iconic muscular supercar, is coming to India for the very first time, which is pretty exciting for the enthusiasts. Not only the car is fitted with a high-performance engine, but the cosmetics and comfort features are also quite appealing. Moreover, the safety issue has also been catered well with the presence of hi-tech amenities. Lookwise, it is strong yet mesmerising and reflects a typical American style.

Expected Launch Date: 2nd Quarter, 2016 Expected Price: INR 55-60 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

It is good news for those who prefer big vehicles, will have one more choice in SUV segment. The renowned brand Chevrolet will launch its Trailblazer SUV in India on October,21. It will get a tremendous powertrain configuration along with a 2WD drive setup.. This Trailblazer will carry a muscular utility body. This SUV will get a number of attractive features as well as technical specification.

Expected Launch Date: 21 October, 2015 Expected Price: INR 30 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

Rolls Royce, the automaker that is known for its classic and elegant cars worldwide, is going to introduce a new convertible named Dawn in the market. Owing to the reputation that this brand carries, it is quite obvious that this nascent entrant will be loaded with a range of unbeatable features. Saying that this car carries irresistibly good looks, will be an understatement for the drophead.

Expected Launch Date: Late 2016 Expected Price: INR 2.53 Crores, Ex-Showroom

BMW X1 is going to be the next luxurious entrant which will make its way to the Indian ways. It will be carrying different dimensions along with an all new body chassis as its base. Like all other cars by BMW, this model will also get the audience amazed by its classy and elegant features along with an efficient mechanical configuration.

Expected Launch Date: June, 2016 Expected Price: INR 30-35 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

The luxury automaker Jaguar is bringing a new model named F-Pace in the market with one of its kind features. Even though it has a crossover body style, there will be several wow factors highlighted by the vehicle. This car is designed in a way that it will not only perform exceptionally well but will also let the occupants enjoy a comfortable ride.

Expected Launch Date: December, 2016 Expected Price: INR 32.27-46.10 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

After leaving an impressive mark in the international market, Toyota is all set to come up with an improved and updated version of Rush in India. Considering the positive response received by compact SUVs in the country, this upcoming model is likely to create a lot of buzz among the enthusiasts. Although most of the features remain undisclosed as of now, but the cosmetic and mechanical aspects are anticipated to be quite appealing.

Expected Launch Date: January, 2017 Expected Price: INR 12-15 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

The next generation Honda Brio is going to be a complete surprise for the Indian audience. Since, the hatchback models are considered as ideal family cars, there is a lot of scope for the automakers in this segment. This upcoming car is expected to offer all those facilities that the current version has failed to deliver. From exterior portion to mechanical configuration, everything will be new and refreshing.

Expected Launch Date: February, 2017 Expected Price: INR 4-6 Lacs, Ex-Showroom

The vast automobile market in India witnesses arrival of endless number of cars each day ranging from a compact model to heavy utility vehicles. This list of fresh arrivals doesn't only include all new cars in India but also various updated versions of the existing vehicles. Amidst such a tough competition, every company tries to come up with something new in order to keep pace with the latest trends. If a model is not upgraded timely, the customers may switch to other alternatives and hence, the customer base may be lost.

This year, there has been a massive fleet of cars being rolled out on the Indian roads ranging from Honda Jazz to Maruti S-Cross. It has been a great year for the automakers as well as for the buyers with so many options available. Although the year has almost ended, there are still so many launches lined up for the 2016 end as well as for early 2017. This lineup comprise all types of models ranging from small budget to luxury, and from existing to all new brands.

With so many upcoming cars in India 2016-17, it is very difficult to keep a track of all the models, particularly for a layman. Also, if you don't have proper knowledge about the cars to be launched in future, you may not be able to make a correct decision regarding purchases. On the other hand, when you have all the details with you, it makes things much easier and hassle free. Now, the point is how to get all this information. Well, for addressing this issue, we have brought all the necessary information under one roof. Here, at SAGMart, we bring to you each and every small detail about the upcoming cars in India 2015 and 2016. These cars belong to various categories mentioned below:

This information is not only limited to the cars that are confirmed to get launched in the near future but also the anticipated ones. Moreover, along with the names, we also provide you the significant data like the expected launch date, speculated or confirmed specifications, estimated price and the images of the 2016-17 cars in India offered by numerous companies operating all around the world. You can even use the filter option to sort the information as per the brand or as per the expected launch date.

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