New MUV Cars in India - Price & Specification

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MUV (multi utility vehicle) is a vehicle that has at least 6 occupants capacity along with maximum interior room and also a good luggage capacity in comparison to the any other car segment. Based on the similar mini-van and mid-sized car body style, sometimes it is also referred as Minivan, Minibus, Family car and MPV (multi purpose vehicle).

If we look around, we can see the use of MUV on a large scale in the Indian car market. If we talk about Indian customers, particularly in rural areas, they usually travel in large groups along with heavy luggage. Hence it is logical to buy an MUV rather than any other category.


The development of MUV cars started from 1936 and that time it was called as minivan. The first ever minivan was known as the "Stout Scarab" and followed by a modern minivan "Brubaker Box" in 1972, which was built on the Volkswagen Beetle chassis.

In India, usually both the SUV and MUV are considered as the utility vehicle. It has been not so long when the MUV was first launched in the country, but the noteworthy features and space made it so popular among the both rural and urban buyers.

Basic-Design and Features:-

Taller than Sedan and SUV, MUV is basically designed for the comfortable space, passenger safety as well as for better fuel efficiency. It is mostly available in three row option arranged in a way that the first and third rows are available with two seats and the second row has three seats.

Classification of MUV's :-

1. Mid-size MPV:- A mid size MPV car is basically based on the hatchback platform, sharing their features with them, but came out with a slightly taller body. E.g. Datsun Go+

2. Compact MPV:- Generally, the carmaker has concluded the cars in this category that have six or seven seat option. E.g. Toyota Innova

3. Large MPV or Minivan:- This category includes those types of utility vehicles that are much more spacious as well as heavier. E.g. Force is soon going to introduce a 7-door MPV in India with a 10-seat configuration, which will be first of its kind.

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