Luxury cars in India

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A Luxury car is somewhat which is added with more attractive and luxurious features. It is a car which is capable to give abundance of comfort and ease. A luxury car can be of any design format i.e. sedan, hatchback, hybrids, electric, SUV . Actually its hard to define a Luxury car, but in normal terminology, it is a car which can provide comfort, design, price and prestige. It is always that these types of cars are costly as compared to their respective base model.

European Commission considers these types of cars as F segment cars. Apart from best class comfort, these cars are also known for best in class interiors and handling. Rear-wheel drive is available in most of these cars with longitudinal engines which is a common layout of them. In the early 90's Cadillac and Lincoln has been a well-known brand for the production of Luxurious cars.

If this category is further needed to be sub categorized, then it can be divided as entry level luxury, mid level luxury, high level luxury and ultra level luxury cars. Out of many car manufacturing companies BMW, Jaguar and Mercedes-Benz are considered to a traditional supplier of Luxury automobiles. These Luxury cars in India are available with either petrol of diesel engine options. SAGMart is showcased will the Luxury cars under any category. the details in respect to their price, specifications of engine, performance, fuel economy and more are made available below. Some of he renowned Luxurious cars are Audi A4, Mercedes Benz C Class, BMW 3 class, Mercedes Benz E Class and many more.