Hatchback Cars in India - Price & Specifications

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With the advancement of mankind there is a mad rush going between every sector to be on the #1 position no matter what it takes. If a user wishes to buy something he's flooded with so many options each with its own positive points that the user gets confused between the right choice and the wrong choice.

The automobile industry is no exception here. Buying a car today is another major decision which the customer has to take and since the market is full of various companies each with their own set of models, it creates more confusion on the mind of the user.

There is an endless list of car types which a company offers to lure customers towards itself in an attempt to improve its sales. Some major variants which a company usually includes are: SUV, Hatchback, Sedan, Automatic, Petrol and Diesel.

Understanding the meaning of Hatchback

A HATCHBACK or Liftback is a car in which the seating arrangement is inclusive of the cargo space with no extra design for this purpose. It can also be defined as a car in which the rear door opens in an upward direction to give open access to the payload area. Though there are usually 4 doors in a normal hatchback, but they are still called 5-door cars due to the presence of an extra door at the rear end.

Hatchbacks are among those small cars in India which a user looks for, if he is on the lookout for a model, which is small in size yet possess a comfortable seating arrangement. The presence of a better performing engine giving higher mileage adds up to the reason as to why customers prefer it over sedan and Sports Utility Vehicales (SUVs)

Historical Significance

If we look at the history of hatchbacks we would observe that the first hatchback which got manufactured was the Nissan Fair-lady Z designed in 1970 and, in the year 1949, Kaiser-Fazer became the first company ever to launch hatchback cars in America.

Maruti 800 which was the first ever hatchback sold almost 2.5 million units since its launch in 1983, which was then replaced by Maruti Alto. Looking at the demand of small cars in India especially under the hatchback category, company like 'Tata' jumped into the market launching its first hatchback 'Tata Nano' in 2009, which also happens to be the cheapest hatchback in India costing just INR 1 Lac.

Giants of Automobile Industry

Some of the major brands like 'Maruti', 'Hyundai', 'Ford' are considered to be the masters of designing and selling the best hatchback in India that are equipped with almost all the basic yet important features, which the user gets to see in other variants too.

Though, there is an endless list of hatchback cars in India which gets released on a daily basis, but some of the best hatchback cars in India, which the Indian buyers have come across so far include names like:

'Maruti Baleno', 'Honda Jazz', and, 'Renault KWID' are some of the new names, which have recently been added in the Indian market under the category of one of the best hatchbacks in India, each with their specific and unique set of features.

Just like no two cars are equipped with exactly the same set of features, in most of the cases, the market price too differs between different cities. One can get the On-Road Price for all major cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Ahmedabad, NCR etc atSAGMart.

Though the list is increasing rapidly, but some of the major automobile companies of India include names of