Renault-Nissan Alliance to Introduce Over 10 Autonomous Cars by 2020

Renault-Nissan alliance has recently declared that more than 10 cars will be launched, equipped with autonomous driving technology, by the year 2020. These cars will be sold in markets including the US, Europe, China and Japan in the next 4 years. As per the official claims, this technology will be offered in the “mass-market cars at affordable prices”. Apart from this, a “suite of new connectivity applications” will be launched that will enable “people to stay connected to work, entertainment and social networks”.

As of now, nothing has been disclosed as to which model will be selected for launching this autonomous technology. However, the next generation Nissan Leaf would be a probable option, considering the fact that the automaker had showcased the IDS Concept, which previewed the upcoming Leaf, installed with autonomous technology.

NIssan IDS Concept

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In a bid to introduce various technologies, this year, the firm will come up with 'single-lane control' system that will enable the car to keep driving automatically in a single lane of the highway, even when the car is moving in traffic. Later in 2018, a 'multi-lane control' system will be offered, allowing the car to change the lanes automatically, while driving on the highway, thereby avoiding hazardous situations.

In 2020, an 'intersection autonomy' function will be made available, which will assist the car in navigating through junctions and heavy traffic roads in urban areas. All this would be offered as an optional arrangement in such a way that the driver could take over the control anytime, if needed.

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