Royal Enfield 650 Issues Attested By The Owner Who Ridden Bike For 2 Months

  • 2nd, Mar 2019 11:23 AM
  • Resham Aswani
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As far as adventure tourer bike division is concerned, Royal Enfield 650 has broken the new grounds with its highway-friendly features. It has also marked a great success by accomplishing its decent sales targets.

With a single demo it is just next to impossible to register the problems or hurdles one can face with the bike later so we have Abhinav Bhatt, a motorcycle blogger who has ridden the bike for two months and is now available with the set of issues he faced during this time.

Abhinav who has experience of 2 months with this bike covering around 2,500 km in city traffic, highways, interstate roads and also in a dirt track jump session, can very explain the problems faced, and their resolutions so let us check the pessimistic phase of the moto:

  • Too soft seat creates discomfort: Over longer distances, cushioned seats of the motorcycle turns saggy and create displeasure.

  • Inadequate headlight: The headlights do not seem to be competent on highway routes.

  • The absence of gear shift indicator: It distracts the mind of the rider while riding on highways because he tends to shift the gear upward even if the bike is already in the 6th gear.

  • No inbuilt clock: instrument cluster of Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 does not consist of an inbuilt clock, which creates difficulty when the rider wants to know the time, especially when he is using full riding gear comprising jacket and gloves.

  • Inconsistent fuel reading: Fuel gauge displays inconsistent reading, with the bars sitting idle for long durations and then collapsing unexpectedly.

  • Permeable Instrument cluster: Instrument cluster of this motorcycle seems to have some seepage. That’s quite apparent when indicator lights become wacky after a bike wash.

  • Other complications include handlebars, footpegs, ergonomics, horn button, right side rear view mirror, and rusting issue with the brake rotor

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Abhinav also mentioned that Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 is one of the best bikes he has ever ridden but at the same time he hopes the absence of above-mentioned problems in the upcoming 650 Twins.