19,000 Units Sold Post Jeep Compass Launch in India

The second generation Jeep Compass is creating all the right noise on the Indian Roads. This offering from the FCA has achieved a production milestone of 25,000 units of the Compass, out of which 5,000 were for the export markets. The stylish UV has sold more than 19,000 units since its launch on July 31, 2017. The February sales for the Jeep Compass stand at a total of 17,186 units. Out of these 13,867 were diesel variants and 3,319 petrol variants.

The company, for the time being, has kept its lips sealed on details about the variants in demand. However, as per reports, it’s the top-end Limited variant that’s been attracting most buyers. Some dealers also confirmed that Jeep Compass clad in white and silver is the consumer favorite.

The great response from the Indian diaspora has prompted the American Automaker to commit $280 million (Rs 1,769 crore) on its Indian manufacturing operations. A significant part of the investment will also be aimed at the localization of the Jeep Compass.

The streamlining of the production model by the FCA is a step in the right direction as far as customer experience and service is concerned. The waiting period of only 45 days compared to the earlier four months further cements the FCA’s commitment towards best quality customer service. A major reason for the success of the SUV is the 65% localization achieved in production. This renders to the Compass a competitive price tag. The price tag enables the Compass to stand tall against rivals from Mahindra & Mahindra and Hyundai Motor India.

The Jeep Compass has made a mark for itself in India’s booming SUV market. The Compass registered sales of 17,186 units between August and February 2018. This is a significant feat when we consider the aggressive pricing the Italian-American manufacturer had to go for to remain competitive in the already overcrowded Indian SUV space.

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The Jeep Compass comes in a total of six variant. The least costly variant comes with a price tag of 14.95 lakh (ex-showroom, New Delhi). This base Sports petrol trim comes in six variant options, three each in diesel and petrol. The top-end 4x4 exclusive diesel variant is the star performer among the half a dozen variants. Priced at Rs 20.65 lakh, these SUV’s make up for 2.07 percent of the total number of SUV’s roaring presently on the Indian Roads.

The International Jeep 4x4 Day

On the fourth day of the fourth month every year, FCA celebrates the International Jeep Day with its loyal base of customers and fans. The company has declared the month of April as the ‘Jeep 4x4 Month’ customer celebration initiative (April 4-30).

As part of the celebrations, FCA India will offer new as well as potential Jeep customers who have to upgrade to the limited 4x4 variant by paying an additional sum of Rs 50,000. The offer is valid for those customers also who had already pre-booked before the International Jeep 4x4 Day offer was announced. The Jeep 4x4 Month is a unique opportunity for customers to book their Jeep Compass and enjoy the legendary capability, freedom, and adventure which remains core to the brand. The FCA also has the ‘Camp Jeep’ programme in the pipeline. It is supposed to be a 4x4 driving as well as Jeep brand experience. A great initiative to lure potential customers and enthusiasts in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad.