EESL Will Buy 20,000 EVs By March 2019 And Invest Rs. 2,400 Crore

State-run Energy Efficiency Services Ltd. (EESL) has clearly formulated its objective to purchase approximately 20,000 electric vehicles for government serving purposes, with an investment amount of Rs. 2,400 crore.

The order will get the government to acquire the electric vehicles by March 2019. In the previous month, the National E-Mobility Programme in India was introduced by the Ministry of Power in order to give a force to proceed the e-mobility ecosystem comprising charging infrastructure, companies, service providers, fleet operators, and vehicle manufacturers.

Saurabh Kumar, MD, EESL India mentioned, "We have got a good response for this project. Already 100 electric vehicles are operational in Delhi. In total, we will be procuring 20,000 electric vehicles by March 2019 and we are investing around Rs 2,400 crore for buying them."

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In the last month, a fresh tender of 10,000 e-vehicles to fulfill the growing demand concerning various government departments is issued by EESL. As per the EESL, these EVs in the country is likely to save more than Rs. 5 crore litres of fuel in a year, making it shorten out more than 5.6 lakh tonnes of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, EESL is already providing charging facility for infrastructure from 150 government offices and they can further charge around 500 cars at a tie.

EESL has as well given consent to invest nearly Rs. 10,000 crore in Andhra Pradesh and pledge to develop more than 1 lakh electric vehicles in coming 5 years. This comprises 4,000 electric chargers for different departments within a state. This move will provide employment to around 1.05 lakh persons within a state.