Share Pictures of illegally Parked Cars and Earn 50 Bucks

Lately, the honorable Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari announced a reward scheme of INR 50 for those who will submit the images of illegally parked cars clicked by their phones. To let the car-free, the respective owner has to pay a fine Rs 500. The 10 percent of the fine that evaluates Rs 50 will be rewarded to the complainant.

Exactly, how the system will work it is not disclosed yet by any of the government websites. The reason behind bringing in this reward scheme is the scenario that Mr. Gadkari noticed a few time ago. It was the illegal parking of vehicles outside the parliament that creating the issue in passing the ambassadors and minister in the form of traffic jams.

While it takes 9 months and 13 clearances to bring this realization into an actual form to make a single automated parking lot. As we all aware in the country with the population over 130 crores the traffic jam is one of the major issues that made the person lose his/her temper going out for anything good. With this population count, a wrong way parking creates a mess into a traffic jam.

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In our country, as we see people use to park their vehicles on roads and even it can be witnessed at the most rushed locality in India. In such conditions, a minor accident also turned out into a bigger and problematic situation. Keeping all these aspects in mind, it is a great initiative to put the situation under control. Conditionally, the name of the complainant keeps hidden in a good way as the powerful people use their influence suppressing the one in a wrong way.

If this initiative succeeds then not only the worst situation of the traffic jam at the tightest locality will resolve but also walking people around can also make good money by the end of the day.

As it looks, it’s not that easy to root up congestion problem. Similarly, the implementation of any such rule is also not easy as it will create a problem for the house with 4 cars in large localities to keep all vehicle inside house. So, In order to bring any such rule in action, the government has to invest strategically to manufacture an automated parking lot. And, such parking lot for 112 cars with eight floors requires the investment of 9 crores.