SIAM To Launch Documents On Hybrids At Auto Expo 2018

The automaker, SIAM is planning to launch documents on hybrid and some more alternative fuel cars at the Expo event. An official had mentioned, “We have submitted a white paper on electric vehicles in December." Further, SIAM's Deputy Director General Sugato Sen said, "We will be coming out with two more documents. One on hybrid vehicles and the other on alternative fuel vehicles that we hope to bring in during the Auto Expo."

He further said, "These documents will be our inputs to the government." Meanwhile a discussion on the EVs and cleaner fuels, the society wanted for a proper policy and apparent roadmap in the automobile segment.

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"The Automotive Mission Plan 2016-26 has been in place. This document was prepared in 2015 and now things have changed drastically. At this moment, the Ministry of heavy industries, which is a nodal ministry for the automobile industry, is working on a new auto policy document. The dialogue is on. We hope this new document will bring in clarity," he said.

Reverting to a question regarding the visibility of EVs in the Auto Expo 2018, Arun Malhotra, SIAM Trade Fair Group Chairman mentioned, "What was seen last time was some form of electric utilities in the vehicles. What has been talked at the present time is either 100% electric vehicle or strong hybrid. It is a very evolving phase. There will be some visibility (of an electric vehicle) but it will grow as we go along."

He explained that the hybrid vehicles were presented the last time. Sen said that at the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo 2018, approximately 100 companies are taking part. We can even watch the new edition from India Kawasaki, Kia Motors, and Cleveland Cyclewerks. He further said, "Last time, there were about 106 unveiling of products and this time we are also expecting more than 100 unveiling. About 24 vehicles are to be launched this year."