TMS 2017: Yamaha Niken 3-wheeler bike Revealed

Yamaha, the japanese motorcycle manufacturer, uncovered the Yamaha Niken 3-wheeler at Tokyo Motor Show 2017. The super cool sport bike is based on the foundation of Yamaha MT-09 naked motard-style superbike and 3-wheeled concept is taken from scooters including Yamaha’s own Tricity.

The Yamaha Niken owns a meaning in the name which means ‘Twin Swords’ and all set to be produced at Yamaha Stores. Although, Yamaha doesn’t say about this point till now. The Yamaha called the stunning three wheelers as Leaning Multi-Wheeler(LMV). The official information about the sportsbike reveals an inline three-cylinder engine. The bike can get CP3 motor replacement with 847 cc engine of MT-09 with the capability to churn out 115 PS on board.

The company reveals the benefit of LMW and said that the three-wheeler setup boosts up the confidence level of rider making him to deal with effects of variable ride environments. The front end is accommodated with an innovative suspension system which is set up with the arrangement of twin-tube upside-down forks placed at the interval of each 15-inch wheel. The snowmachine like fenders of the sportsbike at the broader front bondage make the bike look very attractive and unique. The rear portion of the bike resembles the look from traditional motorcycles and share a perfect match with its two front fellow wheels.

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We can expect more of information about the Yamaha Niken 3-wheeler in future and will share more of relevant information regarding the bike time to time.

Note: You can get detailed information about the latest Yamaha NIKEN soon as the launch date is 6th November at 21.00 hrs. Yamaha ‘Pioneers of Emotions’ EICMA press premiere video is available exclusively on Yamaha Facebook Website, have a look at it.