Top Tips to Take Care of Your Car in the Lockdown

  • 30th, Mar 2020 6:46 PM
  • Subodh Kumawat
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The outbreak of Coronavirus or COVID-19 has put the whole in a great state of misery. Not a single country has been safe from the consequences and India is in the initial stages of the impact. The number of positive cases are increasing day by day and as a measure to control the further spread of the virus, the country is put on lockdown. Realising the need of the hour, all the states and union territories are on lockdown for a period of 21 days. Remaining indoors and following proper hygiene measures is the best way to avoid the spread of the virus to more people.

During this lockdown, no one is allowed to go out and are ordered to avoid the social gatherings, so your car is most likely to be sitting idle in the garage. Just because there is a state of lockdown in the country, does not mean that you can ignore the maintenance of your car. You need to take care now, more than ever. Just some small tips will help in retaining your car’s health during the lockdown. Here are the tips that will keep your car problem free during the lockdown:

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  • Maintain the Battery

Everybody knows that the battery of every car gets discharged with time even if the car is not being used. If you want to retain the battery of the car for a longer time, then you should start the engine of your car for a period of 10-15 minutes every week so that the alternator of the battery can replenish the juice of the battery. If you are unable to do so, then you should disconnect the battery from the negative charge to avoid the discharge of the battery. The battery should only be disconnected if the car is supposed to be idle for a period of approximately one month. This measure will help in avoiding any difficulties to be faced by the individual because of discharging of the battery. You wont need to get it repaired or get your car started with a jumpstart.

  • Start Your Vehicle Regularly

The period of 21 days may not seem that big, but is. The restricted movement of your car may cause some problems for you. To prevent any obstacles, you should start your car once a while in 4-5 days to keep the engine perfect. You should operate all the features of the car like air conditioning, etc. too. Starting your car’s engine regularly will not only keep your car working but also helps in diagnosing any issues that may come up when you get the car to hit the road. If the situation in your area is good, take your car for a ride nearby to keep the engine running. The movement will avoid the situation of flat tyres too.

  • Avoid Using Handbrakes

Drivers generally put the car on handbrake while putting the car in park. Avoid putting the car on handbrake as it can jam the tyres of your car. If you need to park the car, put it on gear. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) suggest that you should park your car in first gear if it is parked uphill and reverse gear if it is parked downhill. This prevents your car from shifting anywhere.

  • Clean the Cabin

The car is supposed to be parked for multiple days, so avoid having any leftover snack wrappers or the peels of different products to prevent any odors from developing. Clean off and vacuum if possible. Clean the crumbs of food items from your carpet. Wash your hands properly if you are going to follow the above stated methods to prevent the virus from entering your car. I will suggest that you should disinfect the cabin too.

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  • Safeguard the Exterior

You do not want the exterior of your car to deteriorate in any way, right? Then, park the car in shade as much as possible to save it from the damages caused by heat of the sun. use a car cover to save it from other things like, birds, dust, etc. The dirt and bird droppings can harm the paint of your car if left unattended for a long time, so wash it regularly with shampoo. Waxing and polishing will give a shine to your car’s paint for a longer time if you can do that too.