VOGO Has Brought ONE CLICK solution For Rental Scooters

  • 28th, Mar 2019 6:30 PM
  • Resham Aswani
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VOGO is a Bengaluru based pioneer in automated scooter rental platform in India with an aim to refine the polluted and traffic congested transportation sector by providing self-driven automated scooter rentals.

Vogo has recently launched a ‘One-click’ solution for the hassle-free booking of its scooter rental services. Now you do not need to play waiting games as now you can book your preferable petrol /electric scooter easily and instantly via Vogo app and unlock it remotely through Bluetooth at the company’s stand.

The same system was witnessed on cycle rental apps like Pedl and it seems that it will definitely bring mobility solutions in the city while combating with the higher fuel prices and higher cabs rentals. Vogo is the most convenient and economical commute option available in the city. At present, the services of Vogo is available in three cities namely Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, but is anticipated to be extended in other cities as well.

The company officially announces Vogo as India’s leading scooter sharing company and the launch of Vogo App. The company claims Vogo app to be first-of-a-kind 1-click booking technology for its scooter sharing service with the integration of Bluetooth technology for its petrol and electric vehicles. The app will facilitate the customers to directly unlock and start the ignition of scooters through a simple click on the Vogo app. This makes the booking experience utterly easy, seamless, and far better than currently operating OTP-based solutions while assuring you to be at right place at right time.

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On 25th March 2019 Sanchit Mittal, Founder & CTO, of Vogo said “Vogo is first and foremost a technology company. We are delighted to launch this 1-click booking experience, which puts the Vogo ride experience on par with gold standards in micro-mobility. Our large in-house team of hardware engineers has developed this from scratch. We have been delighted with the customer response so far. We will continue to work on more innovative solutions to make the ride-booking experience simpler for customers.” in Bangalore.

Anand Ayyadurai who is the CEO of Vogo also said “Our new experience leapfrogs all current solutions and reimagines what a truly seamless customer journey would look like. There is no complex interaction on the scooter anymore, just on the phone. We have received rave reviews from users and will be scaling this up across our entire scooter base in a matter of weeks. This is a truly game-changing launch for us.” The new technology will soon be started in Hyderabad and Bangalore with a launch in Bangalore HSR Layout.