Yamaha Focusing to Develop Future of Mobility, EVs in Large Numbers

Recently, the commanding designation of the Japanese bike maker firm, Yamaha witnessed the arrival of a new boss, Mr. Yoshihiro Hidaka. The boss changed, consequently, the working culture and plans of the company has also been altered. Now as per the orders of Yoshihiro Hidaka, the brand is looking forward to developing the future of mobility, the electric vehicles in a large number.

In order to cater the worldwide market with the range of electric vehicles, the new boss has commanded its team to ramp up the production. Also, the available range of 125cc scooters in current lineup is said to bring in consideration. It will help the Japanese giant manufacturer to bring in a range of products in the coming years.

In the same way, the Yamaha had already been signed a pact with the other native manufacturer Honda for an electric scooter project last year. The partnership was aimed to increase the use of the electric vehicles in the country by renting and exchanging batteries, utilizes in the EVs.

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The Indian market is also in brand’s consideration that is going to be fully electric in terms of transportation by 2030. Though, the petrol-powered vehicles’ production and sale is on in the country and will be shifted gradually towards the EV transportation.