Yamaha Unveils Ultra Modern Cross Hub Pickup Concept at Tokyo Motor Show

At the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha fans got completely surprised with the unveiling of an ultra modern pickup as the Japanese manufacturer is renowned for producing two or three wheels vehicles across the world. This first of its kind an off-beat product from their house is entitled as the Yamaha Cross Hub Concept. The aspects such as a single, centre placed driver seat and full size bed to offer the facility of carrying two motorcycles are the major centre of attraction at the event.

Dimensionally, this all-new concept measures 4490 mm in length, 1960 mm in width and 1750 mm in height that is not appropriate for four seat arrangement. But the diamond shaped arrangement made it possible to fulfill the purpose behind providing space for two motorcycles on its rear deck along with accommodating enough space for four occupants.

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With this rear deck facility Yamaha enthusiasts will not only be able to carry their non street legal bikes in a legal way but also they would not have need of anyone while deboarding their dirt bikes as their four wheeled Yamaha Cross Hub would do the same with ease. All in all, it is a good option for people who wants an easy connectivity in their urban and adventure filled lifestyle.

Yamaha said about the Cross Hub Concept Car: “As a manufacturer of a diverse range of products, Yamaha knows the potential and possibilities for fun through mobility and is able to offer the joy of riding in all types of environments. This vehicle is aimed at connecting the “active” and “urban” in the lifestyles of Yamaha enthusiasts. It has a unique diamond-shaped seating layout for the cabin that enables a compact vehicle package but also the capacity to carry up to two motorcycles in the rear, making it a design concept model that takes occupants straight into the world of Yamaha recreation.”