Intel Xeon is Coming to laptops to Make them Powerful

Intel is the biggest power player in the computer world. It's Xeon processors have been powering servers and PCs from a long while, but what if you find the same for your laptop? Yes, you will be surprised while finding the pro-level processor powering your on-the-go devices. So, we could see the chipmaker's Xeon processor for notebook and laptop this fall.
Company is bringing the E3-1500M v5 family which is said to be based on new Skylake 14nm architecture to give laptop devices a boost in performance which you won't see yet in any available portable system. After integrating such pro-level processor in laptop and mobile workstation won't only fulfill the needs of high performance, but can keep the capability to provide high-level security and productivity to device.
Intel's Xeon processor will com as a best option for those who travel lot for working. So, it's obvious that demands of such systems which will be based on this processor will increase as the number of professional with touring jobs increase.
Few new features are also making entry with this processor such as Thunderbolt 3 Connector through which you can connect USB-C devices. Dual 4K display can also be run on it. vPro technology is also there to offer top-level of security and remote management. Data corruption errors can also be resolved by error-correcting code memory which will also come in this Xeon processor.     
Well, we have no idea about the specification of E3-1500M v5 processors as company has not detailed a single feature. However, speculations are suggesting for Skylake and improved battery life.