Intel 3 Display Foldable Smartphone

It looks like the foldable smartphone has been the trend of this year as renowned smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, LG, and more are working on foldable devices. The recent reports suggest that Intel is also working on a foldable smartphone. The patent that had been filed by Intel previously in mid-2017 reveals that the device has an attractive tri-fold design which is very popular in the smartphone segment.

In the leaked images we can see that when the device is folded fully, it can be worked as a smartphone. It features a full- screen display, while the cameras, sensors and the receiver are positioned underneath the display. We have to unfold the device two times to make it into a large tablet.

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As we can see that the device can be folded as many as two times that means the smartphone is a slighter thicker than the standard which is currently available in the market. When the device is unfolded it has three displays and each of the display having two camera sensors that mean the tablet will be having a total of six cameras. It also gets a stylus pen which would slide inside and will be magnetically placed.

If the report is to be believed this advanced foldable smartphone would take sufficient time to hit in the market. The quite interesting part is that companies like Intel are also working in the foldable smartphone.