Tizen, A Samsung's New Operationg System strongly affects Google

  • 20th, Feb 2014 12:15 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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Although Galaxy Gear had not been supported with a good market, Samsung doesn't lose its hope on smart watches and is even planning to launch fitness bands.

Samsung is improving its Galaxy Gear by launching its improved sequel Gear 2 which will be called Galaxy band. While earlier version used android platform the improved version will operate on its own operating system, Tizen. New Gear smart watch will soon be exposed in Mobile World Congress stating that it will run on Tizen, company's software itself.

Samsung Tizen based devices are in talks from a long time, Samsung smart phones as per the news was to be launched in 2013 which is now extended to the third quarter of 2014. Other than improving Gear, Samsung will even be launching other Tizen products, may be smart phone and camera.

The new Galaxy band will work in accordance with fitness focus. Fitness trackers will capture data on motion, temperature and pressure. Smart device will be able to connect with other Samsung devices via Bluetooth LE.

What's Tizen???

Samsung's own operating system Tizen is a Linux based open source operating system. By open source it means it’s free to use. The differentiator for Tizen from other operating systems is its friendly features, easy accessibility and scalability.

Tizen will provide apps cross platform accessibility i.e. write once and use anywhere with very less efforts. Providing a flexible environment application development in Tizen is simple using HTML5.

The latest Tizen 3.0 will have the ability to handle 3D user interface and will be capable of working with just 256kb of RAM which is really very less in comparison to other operating systems. This version will also be compatible with Android and iOS also.

Will Tizen strongly affect Google???

Samsung is planning to say a goodbye to Google. Rumors are that Samsung will now operate with its own operating system Tizen, and will no longer have access to Google play store.

At present Samsung has to pay Google to use Google ecosystem but eventually if Samsung will use its own operating system there will be no cuts in profit.

This change can immensely affect the Samsung market, will Tizen bring huge profit or will it completely ruin its market??? This is an awaited question to be answered. This completely depends on the users view and features and easiness provided by this new operating system.

Samsung desperations to use Tizen as an operating system is clearly visible as it is ready to fund a large amount of money for development of Tizen based applications and have even set a dead line of third quarter of 2014, the time when it will launch its devices based on Tizen. So don't be surprised if you see an android free Samsung gadget.