Microsoft is all set to launch the on call speech translator for Skype

Since February this year, when Satya Nadella took over as the Microsoft Corp CEO, he promised to make the company a leader in mobile computing once again after lagging from rivals, that is, Apple and Google for over a decade.

Now, to fulfill the promises, Microsoft has demoed a technology which will re-defined the online chat IM service completely. The company came up publicly with a version of verbal speech translator for Skype; its famous IM app. Microsoft said that with this technology, users can talk to anyone without the language barrier.

Microsoft showed the rougher version of the same technology nearly one and a half-year ago in China, but that wasn't this much effective as it is now. It's known that Microsoft has been working on verbal recognition technology for any year and the company CEO, who has defined this technology as 'Magical' and vowed to launch it by the end of this year in any sort of conditions.

However, the instant reaction to this technology was kind of mixed fruit for the company as one of the English-speaking executive had a word with his German synonym and said that for now, the speech translator for Skype is good enough for vacations, but not for business.

Still, I guess the step taken by the Microsoft is revolutionary and if they can make it a little better, like making it a free add-on for Skype (Only Trial), then the company could foresee its golden era yet again, where it ruled the technology market exclusively.