Reliance Jio Updates Its Data Plans to Woo Customers

Reliance Jio has unveiled plans last week but is still working for the improvement of the plans. The company wants to take out the final result as a plan in which both customers and company should be satisfied after paying for charges from January 1 next year. Currently, there are ten plans out there under which you can get subscribed to Jio. Voice calls in all of these plans are free, so you have to pay only for data charges. The initial level plan of Rs 149 doesn’t seem to attract people much, as it delivers only 300 MB of data without any access to Reliance JioNet Wi-Fi network, or to unlimited 4G usage at night between 2AM and 5AM, which other plans do have.

So, now the company has improved its initial plan and updated other plans too on its official website. In which, the initial plan comes with unlimited 4G usage from 2AM to 5AM and comes bundled with 700MB data at Reliance Jio’s public Wi-Fi hotspots. This plan makes the entry level satisfactory since the data available is still very low. Counting the Wi-Fi access, it works out for Rs 150 per GB, which is very much then you pay for any other plan.

Reliance Jio Plans

The plan can be proved to be beneficial for people who use voice calling more than data usage, as they can save money if compared to the cost of any other mobile carriers. Reliance Jio is also providing 25 percent more data for students on both Wi-Fi and 4G.

Apart from these chirping, the thing to notice is that the company is providing free access to the network till 31 Dec 2016. That means the next 4 months are free for all of the Jio users, as they are on the same platform. The plans will be finalized by 1st of January next year when users have to choose a plan and simply pay for it.

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