Alcatel OneTouch Bringing a Bevy of Smart Devices at CES 2015

One more tiding related to annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has again emerged to heat up the cyberspace. This time, TCL-owned Company: Alcatel OneTouch came into view with its bunch of participants of this event. Apparently, tech giant has announced to showcase its brand-new smartwatch along with Pixi 3 line of smartphones on the shelves of CES 2015, which is going to held in Las Vegas from 6th to 9th of January.

According to PR Newswire, an official press has been released by firm, which is clearly suggesting that four OS-agnostic handsets and a smartwatch are going to be unveiled during ceremony. Here, OS-agnostic means devices will be congruent with three major operating systems: Firefox, Windows and Android. However, there is no information how exactly this is going to work, but compatibility with different OS will surely provide flexibility to all consumers.

Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 line of smartphones

Notably, three mobiles of Pixi 3 series will bear screen sizes of 4-inch, 4.5-inch and 5-inch sizes respectively and they will be decked with 4G LTE connectivity. While, fourth model will be 3G-capable only and feature a 3.5-inch display. Though, we are yet to receive a detailed information about phones, but company has boasted that they will render easy customization and will be pre-loaded with most popular Apps.

Alcatel One Touch WATCH

Coming to Alcatel's wrist-worn, which has been simply named as WATCH. Here, corporation has asserted that they have developed this timepiece to bring a new dimension in emerging world of wearable devices. The watch has been claimed to be crafted with elegance as well as firm has quoted that gadget will accomplish the desire of folks that want a premium looking smartwatch at very accessible price.