Apple iPhone 11 Caught Testing on Geekbench

It is anticipated that the Cupertino tech giant is all set to launch the latest iPhone variants most probably in September this year, as the rumors and leaks have been started appearing on the internet from last few weeks which indicates that the 2018 iPhone variants how looks like in terms of design.

It is tipped that the Apple will launch three iPhone variants during this year and one of the variants have appeared on Geekbench website which reveals some of the specifications of the alleged iPhone variant which includes 4GB RAM, iOS 12 and most probably a new processor.

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As per the listings of Geekbench which was initially spotted by Consomac, it is speculated that one of the variants of Apple iPhone 2018 will come with improved specifications as compared to the current Apple iPhone X. The 2018 Apple iPhone variant has been spotted with device code 'iPhone 11,2' and will feature a D321AP motherboard. The listing suggests that the smartphone was spotted in testing in the previous week.

The report claims that the smartphone could be powered by an ARM processor that brings same specifications to the A11 Bionic chip which we have earlier seen on 2017 Apple iPhone models. It will get a six cores and a base frequency of 2.49GHz, a slight improvement as compared to its predecessor Apple iPhone X 2.39GHz. As of now, it is not confirmed that which 2018 Apple model will represent 'iPhone 11,2'.

We already mentioned above that the Apple is planning to launch three iPhone variants during this year which will include a 6.1-inch LCD iPhone (successor of iPhone 8), a new 5.8-inch OLED iPhone and lastly the most premium iPhone X Plus a 6.5-inch OLED phone. The listing reveals that the upcoming Apple iPhone models will get a 4GB RAM which will 1GB higher than current models. However, the level 1 instruction and caches have extended from 32KB to 128KB.

Apart from changes in RAM storage, the upcoming iPhone model had scored 4,673 scores in single- core tests and 10,912 scores in multi-core tests. It is worth noting that the single- core test and multi-core test performance are matching to the current iPhone X, however, the test scores of iPhone models have been decided with optimization, not with brute strength. Although, the Geekbench listing has evaluated the test scores on the basis of memory, crypto, face detection, and speech recognition.

It is worth noting that the company has not announced officially regarding the upcoming 2018 Apple iPhone models. The information mentioned above is a part of rumors and leaks ahead of the official launch, however, the actual specifications of the upcoming iPhone models would be unveiled at the official launch event.