Apple Patent Application Hints Foldable Design Smartphone

By looking at the Apple Patent Application, we can say that Apple is also following the footstep of other companies who have patented the foldable device. Apple also wants to be a part of this trend. So we can say that a foldable iPhone is on the verge to become a reality. The patent application has been filed by the Cupertino-based iPhone manufacturer and says that the company is expected to work on multiple foldable iPhone designs. As per the images in the patent application, we can speculate that there might be both outward and inward design for a foldable iPhone. It has also been revealed that the smartphone will have double folding which will be stacked thrice.

The patent application of the Apple is titled “Flexible Display Devices” which was published on the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) and points out that the foldable iPhone is in the list of the Apple. Some of the designs in the patent application of Apple indicates that the device will be practical and there is no such proof which points out that the foldable iPhone is under development.

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In the patent application of the Apple, the first sketch indicates to the foldable design which is almost similar to the foldable Razr 2019 phone of Motorola which is of clamshell form factor and holds a chin. The second image indicates towards the outward folding design which is the same as Royole FlexPai and which will also be seen in the Vivo iQoo’s. In other images, we can see that there is inward folding design for the foldable iPhone which will be same as the rumoured foldable smartphone of Samsung that will launch at an event on 20 February 2019. But unlike Samsung's offer, the patent application of Apple does not seem to have a concept with a display covered.

There are other diagrams which point out to the double-folding design along with two hinges which will be stacked thrice. Foldable smartphone of Xiaomi folds from the sides while the patent of Apple depicts that the sides of the smartphone fold in the opposite direction and hides the most of the part of the display because of the inward-folding design. The above-mentioned details are just speculations, the designs might or might not move to the development phase. But the brand like Oppo, Huawei, Microsoft, LG, Energizer and Nubia are working on the foldable smartphones and we can expect that Apple will also join them as it does not want to lack beh