CEO Jack Wong: 'Zero' Meizu Smartphone Was Advertisement Stunt

The mobile manufacturer Meizu gave a shock when it announced the “Holeless” smartphone in the making. But now the company has again given everyone a blow by claiming that the “Holeless” Meizu smartphone that was called ‘Zero’ was just a marketing stunt.

On 5 March 2019, the Meizu CEO Jack Wong said, “the crowdfunding campaign for the Meizu Zero was just the marketing team messing about".

He also added, "The holeless phone is just a development project from the R&D department, we never intended to mass-produce this project".

The big announcement about the ‘Zero’ smartphone gathered a lot of attention, but after the comments from the CEO, it is sure that other smartphone manufacturers might be dancing with joy while the customers, on the other hand, will be sad.

As per the reports, the rumoured smartphone was going to flaunt a 6-inch AMOLED display and a fingerprint scanner that would be insulated in a ceramic unibody which could have virtual buttons for volume and power on its side.

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The crowdfunding campaign that was organized for the Zero raised $45,998. But the campaign could not reach the goal of $100,000 which now we think is better it did not happen.

For everyone, the words that came out from the Wong were shocking instead of surprising because, at the MWC 2019, the company showcased its prototype where it was not given much attention because of being unlabelled and was pushed to the Qualcomm booth.

As per the statement of the CEO, Meizu Zero will not be manufactured so by this it is clear that the campaign was having a fixed goal instead of flexible due to which the members who funded in the campaign will get their money back. Crowdfunding projects which only uses fixed funding goals can collect the raised funds if they strike the funding target.

Same like Meizu, Chuwi also used the crowdfunding campaign to get the attention of the consumers for its Aerobook laptop. Before Aerobook laptop campaign, the company also used various campaign for its HiGame PCs and SurBook.