hTC Hero AKA Aero, will Begin Glowing in Tech Era in Q3 2015

It’s become trendy from few years that whenever a new electronic gadget starts finding its place in real world; one more world gets activated alongside. This another world is no more than a rumour-land which seems always ready to grasp a new tittle-tattle. Well, the Taiwanese tech gargantuan hTC has taken a step forward to load this rumour-land with a new hearsay for its long-rumoured Hero device.

Who doesn’t know the Evan Blass? The man behind the famous twitter account Evleaks which is known for leaking genuine information regarding electronic gadgets. This time, the tipster has come out and informed that this hTC Hero will be called as Aero and will show its supremacy in fourth quarter of this year.

Apparently, this could be the codename of this handset and how much genuine is this, can’t be easy to elaborate until its existence in tech industry. It was talked earlier by the CEO of HTC Cher Wang that a flagship will arrive in October. But, speculating hTC Aero as a flagship wouldn’t be judgmental. It is said that this alleged handset will arrive to fill the gap between the One M9 and the M9+.

However, this leaked information has not given us a chance to hover on the specs-sheet, but speculations seem always ready for uttering about the innards. As the company is all prepared to bring QHD display in its high-end devices, hopefully the same will glow this handset. Snapdragon 820 is also on its full working stage, so it could be seen powering this Aero device. OIS camera will also make entry on this hTC device. Well, there is no confirmation on its specs side until its official launch. So, ready to swipe them with your finger.


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