Microsoft in mood to lower its chipset prices

  • 25th, Feb 2014 12:44 PM
  • SAGMart Team
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Now when Lumia series belong to Microsoft, the world's best software company is planning to reach a far wider range of audience for smart phones based on its windows software by lowering down the cost of its chipsets. Microsoft senior vice president informed the press that the change has attracted a new group of handset makers who are now more than interested in manufacturing of windows based phone.

Mr. Parker, the vice president of handset department – Microsoft, issued a statement saying "We are open for business on Windows Phone to anyone who wants to build a Windows phone."

However, it is not a thing to say that smart phone market is dominated by Google's android operating system which is much cheaper and more adaptable by mobile manufacturing companies. Considering the statistics, out of every 5 smart phones sold, 4 of them are android based and the year 2013 offered the total sale of 781.2 million units of android based smart phone. However, Microsoft was on 3rd position with total sale of 5.7 million smart phones and Apple leading Microsoft with total shipment of 153.4 millions.

Microsoft has always been very specific about its hardware configuration and always used the 3 button rule, in order to create uniformity around windows phone. But with the latest press release Microsoft has not just dropped the chipset price, but has welcomed new modifications also.

So, with the drop in price of chipset and uplifting the précised hardware condition they had, it is pretty clear that Microsoft is in full mood to rule smartphone market as well.