Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+ May Come With S8 Display Size: Report

Samsung has not even launched its upcoming Galaxy Note 8 flagship smartphone yet, and leaks of its 2018 flagship smartphones have started emerging in the market. As per a report by an online news service of Korea dubbed as The Investor, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ will be blessed with the same 5.77-inch and 6.2-inch display lineup with the Infinity Display, the same which is used in the current series of smartphone. Moreover, the shape of the upcoming flagship smartphones are also expected to remain the same as the current Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

Interestingly, the report also includes another Korean media report from The Bell, which has also tipped some of the specifications of upcoming Galaxy S9 smartphone. The most interesting part of the report says that Samsung might try and integrate on-screen fingerprint sensing technology with its upcoming S9 series smartphones. Currently, the company has removed the home button, which is not going to make any comeback. The company housed the fingerprint sensor at the rear panel of the smartphone, which was far from an ideal position and faced some criticism.

Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone

The report also mentions some details about the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, however, Samsung has not even launched the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone in the market. According to the report, Samsung will most probably feature the same “6.32-inch display screen for the Galaxy Note 9”. Moreover, the report says that the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone will be unveiled on August 23 in New York. Considering the previous Galaxy Note 7 hoodoo, it looks like the company wants to play safe with the flagship phones for 2018.

It will not be surprising if Samsung sticks up to the same display size for the upcoming Galaxy S9 series smartphones, as the display is the main highlight of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ smartphones. The company calls it ‘Infinity Display’, which removed the bezels on both sides resulting in a bigger display in a more compact body.

Samsung Galaxy S9

Notably, Samsung was failed in integrating the fingerprint scanner inside the display, and this could also be a challenging task for the rival firms such as Apple. Meanwhile, the Silicon Valley based organisation has reportedly ditched the Touch ID for a 3D face scanning module. Interestingly, Qualcomm in collaboration with Vivo has recently introduced a new technology for on-screen fingerprint sensing.

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