Samsung Ready to Launch Two More Foldable Phone After Galaxy Fold

After the launch of Galaxy Fold, Samsung is again working on two foldable smartphones trying to move ahead than the other manufacturers.

Samsung has all gathered its thought and said that they are developing one smartphone with clamshell while the other will fold away same like the technology used in Huawei Mate X and the people who know about the plan said not to ask anything else about the internal plans. The Galaxy Fold holds a price sticker of $1,980 i.e. INR 1.4 lakhs in terms of the Indian Currency and is all set to launch in April 2019.

It is too early to speculate about the sales of the flexible smartphones, and on the other hand, Samsung and other competitors want to keep them above all in this $495 billion industry, even above the Apple especially when the market is cool in the sales. As per a teaser, Xiaomi is also in the mode of developing a dual-folding smartphone. The iPhone manufacturers have not yet uttered a word about its plan of the foldable smartphone.

Vice president of devices research at IDC, Bryan Ma said “No one knows what the ideal design is yet. The time is ripe for experimentation. Many of these designs won't be successful, but industry players will learn valuable lessons along the way.”

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A spokeswoman who knows about the plan of the Samsung refused to answer any of the questions about the pair of foldable phones.

The people said that the company is planning to disclose the vertically flexible phone at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of the 2020 and also said that the for the perfect design, the company is using mock-ups. The company is waiting for the response of the customers on the Galaxy Fold, and depending on that response, Samsung will decide whether to keep the extra screen on the outside or not, they added.

The people also said that the outfolding phones whose prototype is already present is considered as the first outward foldable phone of the company and will be launched later. This smartphone will be thinner as there is no extra screen on it.

Same like Galaxy S10 smartphone, the foldable lineup might also come with an under-display fingerprint scanner, they said.

One of the people stated that Samsung other than enhancing the durability of the Galaxy Fold display is also working on other new models. The company is trying their level best to remove the crease which can be seen on the panel after folding it for about 100,000 times. Samsung is also providing the customers with free screen replacements after the launch of the product.

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One of the people claims that the screen flaw of the Galaxy Fold develops on a protective film, which covers the touch sensor tied beneath the display. Because of this reason, Samsung showcased the foldable phone inside a glass case at the MWX 2019 which was held in Barcelona in February. But a spokeswoman denied all the claims that said that to capture more attention on the Galaxy S10, the foldable phone was showcased in such a way and not because there was a flaw in the phone.

Samsung is going to produce at least 1 million of the foldable phone only in 2019. Samsung is best known for giving incremental upgrades at an affordable price. So we can expect with this launch that Samsung is going to give the customers a lot more.

Samsung also manufactures memory chips and televisions and by themselves, they also make the foldable displays which are supplied to even its rival, Apple. As per the reports, the company shipped 291.3 million smartphones in 2018 while the Huawei sold only 205.8 million. It is also assumed that the South Korean company will sell more than 40 million Galaxy S10 smartphones in the very first year of release.

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Samsung has given its eight years to the Galaxy Fold and also associated with Google to optimize the Android OS for a foldable screen. Samsung Executive Vice President Chung Eui-Suk said in February that the company also imagines future smartphones with a rollable and stretchable display.