Samsung May Launch A Wearable Smartphone Soon

In February 2019, Samsung launched its first foldable smartphone dubbed as the Galaxy Fold phone. And now a patent has been spotted which discloses that a new foldable phone design is under wrap which will be a wearable smartphone like a smartwatch.

The patent filing discloses that the wearable smartphone will feature an extended flexible display. The top part is seen housing the front and rear cameras juxtaposed to each other while the bottom part contains a thick chin which means that the bottom portion will be non-foldable. The display comes with under-display fingerprint sensor.

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The first foldable smartphone of Samsung can be folded the same like a book. But as per the new patent design, the new foldable phone will be wearable same like a watch can be worn on the wrist. Because of the flexibility, the phone will automatically bend around the wrist. So to stop this to happen, the company will furnish the phone with a narrow slider at the back.

When the narrow slider is pushed downwards, the phone cannot be folded and can be used as a whole like a smartphone due to which the phone can be easily handled and operated as per the convenience of the user. And when the slider is pushed upwards, then the phone takes the shape of the wrist when it is placed on it.

The phones contains two magnets on both the ends. When the device is folded, the magnets attracts each other by which it becomes closed and will not fall from the wrist.

The patent of the wearable phone was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by the Samsung Electronics in 2018 which was published last week. So let us wait and watch whether the wearable phone will be launched or not. If this happens then Samsung will be ahead than the other smartphone manufacturers.