Sony Xperia Z4v Officially Canceled to Launch on Verizon

Sony had plans for the launch of its Xperia series Z4v, since summer. The summer has past by time, so are the plans. The plans that floated with time are sunken now. The plan to unveil Z4v in its Xperia series to launch on Verizon, has been vanished. The company along with Verizon has planned to cancel the official launch of its flagship series smartphone as the company was not able to fulfill the words and didn’t stand upto the mark.

With such a failure in plan, Verizon and Sony today announced that they've decided to completely cancel plans to launch the Xperia Z4v in the United States. Neither of them are providing the unit with the explanation of cancellation, but Verizon has put on some figures and statements to calm down the market and heel the wounds, though Verizon unveiled the Z4v way back in June and has remained silent on the device ever since.

It was not a regular launch, but was expected to be the great device with high specs. Some of the specifications, as mentioned earlier, included are Snapdragon 810 processor, 3GB of RAM, 20-megapixel camera, wireless charging and a WQHD 5.2-inch display (2560*1440 pixels). The screen resolution has surpassed the normal and regular display with waterproofing feature that Sony's devices are known for.

The company said in a statement, "Sony Mobile remains dedicated to the US market and aims to build a sound and stable business in this region". Verizon in its own statement said, "Verizon will no longer be launching Xperia Z4v, however we are committed to supporting Sony Mobile’s product portfolio and will support existing products. Sony is a strategic partner as we continue having ongoing discussions together as part of our future portfolio".

Thus, to heel up everything, Sony has already moved into the Z5 family smartphones, which adds fingerprint authentication, an improved camera and in the highest-end model, an ultra-sharp 4K display. The company is moving its forehand elsewhere in the world.